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With our crewmen and subcontractors averaging over 25 years in experience in building ADU’s, custom homes, whole house remodels and landscaping projects, we truly are your one-stop shop for your building needs.

We have attracted the highest quality craftsmen and tradesmen to become loyal to our team through consistent work and clear expectations. Pride of work is clear when you see our finished product. Although high quality work is expected within our company, one huge benefit we have in the current market, is that we are able to consistently work on your project without
huge delays. We have dedicated tradesmen in each craft to expedite your project in what can be half the time as using a smaller company that may have 3 people building 80% of the project.

What sets us apart from others, is that ADU’s are now our main focus which has allowed us to dramatically cut costs by anticipating common things that can go wrong on the project and knowing the actual costs that we will incur. We won’t need to charge a 30% buffer like other builders would need to, to account for the unexpected.

With our experience in owning ADU’s personally as an investment, we know which items are important to spend extra on, and which items you can save some cash, to get the largest ROI (return on investment). We love helping clients in every step of the process, from finding a great
architect, all the to assisting them with putting your listing up to find your first tenant!

Dennis Robinson
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