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3D Modeling and Blueprint Design - Provided by CustomADUbuilder

Let our team of highly experienced 3D Modelers, Drafters, and Engineers layout the perfect floorplan

3D Modeling-

Trying to visualize what the finished project will look like is a difficult task when looking at blueprints alone.  Our team of 3D modelers will give you a realistic view of what your ADU, JR. ADU (JADU) or Garage Conversion will look like when it’s complete.  This is a great way to make sure a couch fits in the proper location, your bedroom has enough space for the desired size bed with two nightstands, and there is plenty of seating at the breakfast bar or dining room table.  These full color 3D designs can help you remember to include that special feature you had in mind, which will set your ADU apart from your competition and maximize your rental income.


Architecture/Drafting Services-

This is not an area you want to use an inexperienced professional on.  Our architect services are done by professionals with ADU and Garage Conversion experience.  Properly fitting in necessary storage spaces, adequate width for a living room and so on, is very important.  However, providing proper support for the structure, while keeping in mind building and material costs should also be a major concern.   A good architect can save you thousands of dollars in lumber alone.  ADU building laws are very specific, so having a knowledgeable blueprint drafter is vital to getting your plans approved quickly.  Having the right person can save you months during you permit phase.


Engineering Services-

When dealing with small spaces, there are techniques that can be used to bypass the added expense of a structural engineer while still complying with city code and best building practices.  Not all ADU’s require a structural engineer to get involved.  However, in certain cities or desired floorplans you will need one.  Our structural engineers have ADU experience to make sure your project will still remain affordable by keeping the material costs in mind, as well as sign off on any critical support beams or features that your project may require.

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