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Renting your ADU, Tiny Home or Garage Conversion ADU

The Time Has Finally Come

The most rewarding part of your project has arrived! You’ve seen the transformation from bare dirt to a beautiful new free-standing building, or a garage that has been converted to an amazing living space.  Now is the time that money starts flowing in your direction.  Let CustomADUbuilder help you list your new ADU to get the perfect tenant and start receiving rental income that will assist you in building that generational wealth you’ve been dreaming about.  Will this income completely offset your mortgage and put you one step closer to retirement?


Photography and Staging

The first step is taking amazing pictures so that your first impression when your listing hits the market, will be well received.  We include basic staging services in our photo session to give the future tenant an idea of how your ADU can be arranged.  While the staging service only includes the essentials to make your new building feel like a home, this will still set you apart from 90% of the other listings in your market.


Deciding on a proper price and creating a listing

Setting the correct price is crucial in finding the perfect tenant.  Too low, and you’re losing money and will have more people contact you than you can keep track of.  Setting it too high, and you’ll likely only have people who have been passed up by all the other landlords that have interviewed them, occasionally with good reason.  Finding the sweet spot in your market will bring you highly qualified tenants that will meet your specifications.  After, your price is determined, we can give you advice on key things you’ll want to include in your listing, and assist is helping you publish the listing in the proper places.


Show your new ADU and pick a tenant

Since we are not realtors, you’ll need to do the showings.  However, it’s not a scary as you may think.  You’ll likely encounter great families looking for a safe, clean place to live, and this is your ADU!  We will share our experiences with listing our personal income properties so that you will know what to expect when you meet with people.  We can also give you ideas as to the different styles of showings that are available and the pros and cons of each.  All that’s left is picking a tenant and signing a lease!

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