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Expedite your permit process - CustomADUbuilder

You have your blueprints, now let's get them approved!

Using CustomADUbuilder as a permit expediter is luxury most homeowners will not have.  Taking and picking up blueprints from the city is a very time-consuming process that can take all day.  But that’s just the easy work.  Being able to communicate with plan checkers in the various departments and answer their questions is where an experienced expediter is worth their weight in gold.  Often times, the city will issue unclear corrections to your ADU blueprints and figuring out exactly what code or format they are requiring is no easy task.  Spending time on the phone or in person clarifying their specific requirements often saves weeks or months in the permit phase.  While some architects do offer these services, they are generally going through the same process with many other clients and need the homeowner to make detailed decisions that may be confusing for someone not experienced in this process.  At CustomADUbuilder, we make sure the various architects and engineers are focusing on your project because we want the quickest turn-around possible so that we can start building your ADU or Garage Conversion.  Our goal is to get you on your way start collecting rental income.

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